2002/11/14 00:20:00 CSTUpdated Project Page/New Release
Yeah! I actually did an update! There are a number of changes to make installing and running BUBBA much simpler. I would recommend copying the index and data directories from an BUBBA installation then installing the new version 0.0.6 and the copy the index and data back.
Another new thing. Installation instructions!
Lastly, due to the fact that my company is now back into an MSP mode after a year of prep, I will be doing more work on BUBBA. The next update will include changes to percentile calculations to allow for Total (In+Out) (current) or Highest of In/Out.
2002/05/31 09:32:00 CSTUpdated Project Page
BUBBA is Alive! Despite the fact I haven't released any changes or updates, I have continued to support BUBBA during this last hectic year. The good news is that I now have to opportunity to do some more updates. The main area will be in documentation.
2001/05/03 21:12:00 CSTFixed broken link to Source Forge Project Page
Left the s out of http://sourceforge.net/projects/bubba on the Project Page tab.
2001/05/02 22:15:00 CSTInitial Web Site Completed
Finished work on initial website including documentation (gasp!), screenshots (oh my!), contact info (no way!) and links to the latest package and Source Forge Project Page